I am a Product Manager with 15 years of experience in building and launching SaaS products. I can help you groom your app or business idea into a defined product to meet your customer requirements.

I can help you with

  1. Research your SaaS market, understand your competition and build a feature matrix.

  2. write the detailed specifications,

  3. user stories,

  4. build wireframes, that are ready for consumption, by your design and development teams.

If you already have a product,

1) I can research your competition's SaaS offerings, profile them and help you build a product comparison matrix with suggested improvements to match your competition.

2) Come on board and take up short-term projects and can be an extra hand on your product team.

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Request sample product documents I wrote here.


Brand spend tons of money hiring viral agencies with copywriting ninjas to make your brand big, but why is that money spent on only one language when your media plan is to go vernacular/regional? Most of the time brands get one English copy and then the agencies use Google translate or not-so-fluent locals to get a regional language copy.

The result? A vernacular copy with odd-sounding words, broken sentences, or phrases that doesn’t mean a thing to the local audience.

As a native Telugu speaker with some marketing education behind - contact me for a better Telugu ad copy for your Print and social media ads.



HerbsUp.in is a herbal brand i run with on objective to make Ayurveda first choice of medication for primary ailments

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Better Telugu Copy

A better, expert(human) written copy for your Telugu Print & Social ads.

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